Fins, fins, fins, fins and some more fins...

Some of my Tuttle-fins...
I ordered some new fins from New Zealand yesterday. I really need them. This time nobody talked me in to buy them. Well nobody really are trying to sell fins to me by hard selling, but if someone is saying something like "I love this fin", I probably will order some different sizes a few days later. I newer get any discount and the prices are around 150-250 dollars per fin. Plus shipping, toll and VAT... Still I am very pleased every time I get a package. Why? Well for some reason the fin-makers always are short of stock, and I almost have to beg to get them. C3, Deboichet, Black Diamond and Hurricane are harder to get than for example Tectonics, Lessacher and Choco. If I really like one fin very much I sometimes buy an spare in case of hitting a stone. I wonder how many fins more I will buy this year, and what make.
Sold some before Christmas, room for new!

If you don´t speedsurf you might wonder why I have hundreds of windsurfing fins? Well, we use different fins for different conditions. Depending on water depth, weed, chops (small waves), boards and sails, we use different fins. Later this winter I might blog about windsurfing in icy water (I can tell you already that you should not have a straight fin when you hitting an iceblock...)

PS If Larry Tuttle got one dollar for every fin with Tuttle-base he would have been very rich...
PS 2 (Be cool, I have more fins than on the pictures, the US-box and powerbox fins are quite a few...)


  1. Kanonbra! Lycklig ständig "begagnat-kund", hos Anders.

  2. I thought having 10 fins was a bit too many, but do need a decent 32cm to fill a hole between my 30 and 34.....Does the quest for the pefect quiver of fins never end then once you start speedsailing?

  3. Impressive collection!

    Hello Anders! Karpathos last summer is a nice memory. Great to see you blog!

  4. If you could make a summary of your overall thoughts about choosing fins It would be of great help! I know nothing more than angle for weed, stiffness is good, keep them sharp, placing afects the feel of the board, too small gives you spinout or loose grip, etc. basic knowledge.. but why hundreds!! Hundreds?? You are a fin Connoseaur!

  5. Well I have some fins, but I see it like this, I only have about 10.
    But in different sizes. There is no idea to only buy one size.
    And where sail at home, I also need a lot of spares because we have too many rocks.

  6. Have you been on the new Vector Fins Maui Model?


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