Sponsors and equipment

Hertz rentals is the best. They have cars almost everywhere. The cars are nice and tidy, well served and more or less always brandnew. I have driven Hertz cars all over the world. hertz.com

I have choosen The Loft Sails simply because of one reason. The legandary sail-maker Monty Spindler. He is 100% comitted to do the best racing sails and I like that mindset. He does things different and have new innovations. Monty is working with the development from Tarifa, Spain and I have a close contact with him. Read more about my first year with The Loft Sails here.

My boards come from Carbon Art in New Zealand. The CA-boards are fast off-wind and easy to control over choppy water. James Dinnis manufacter with extreme high quality in a small scale and has buildt some interesting custom designs for me. In examples the SP53XL and SP63 are "my boards" and we continue to improve the models. carbonartwindsurf.com/

Bags, bases, harnesses and all other small stuff is more important when you are serious about windsurfing. With Unifber I am in good hands, and what I liked the most, they listen to me and refine the equipment! https://www.unifiber.net/

Competing in speed-wind-surfing is very much about to stay on the beach until exactly the right conditions appears. Often cold, rainy and windy. I have bought and used a lot of technical Tenson clothes the last years. You who have met me at the events in Germany, England and Sweden in the autumns know what I wear. Now the Swedish outdoor clothing company Tenson is my official supplier. Their material MPC Extreme is better than the best! tenson.com

Ackert is the leading decal and film producer in west Sweden. They have worked hard to make the best decals for the new materials such as sailnumbers on Pentex and X166-film (different kinds of X-ply).  ackert.se

When it comes to fins, I test and use fins from all different fin-builders. In general I am not very found of factory-made fins but sometimes they are very good. Here are some makes that I like a lot:, Hurricane, F-Hot, Gasoil and Z.