Surf-mobiles of the future

Surfspeed in Hyundai centerstack
When I started to windsurf, I was 15 years old and I did not have a car (nor a driving-licence). And my parents minded their own interests, so I had to sail to the best spots with a much bigger board than I really wanted. Sometimes I took our dingy to transport the "sinker"-equipment. But when I turned 18 the world of nice spots opened up. So for me the car is very important tool to execute our sport. Last week I visited 81st Geneva International Motor Show. I want to share my favourite cars from the exhibition. In general the Geneva Auto Show consists of sporty luxury cars, crossovers and a lot of mainstream cars. But I found some "surfish" highlights.

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One concept surf-car that I like is the VW Bulli. (By the way, I wonder if they picked the name "Bulli" from the town in NSW Australia?). All seats can be folded flat, big enough for two to sleep in. The VW Bulli is a clean concept car in two ways, the design is very retro and modest. And it is electrical powered. I like!

Another nice concept surf  car is Renault Capture. It is more a cross-over but it is quite big and looks like a car to ride to the beach and back. And the seats will work well for dripping wetsuits too. Renault showed also family bus called R-space. Nice, but not so much ”want to buy-feeling”.

But my favourite concept surf-mobile of all times, is still the Volvo XC70 Surf Rescue that was revealed at the SEMA-show in Las Vegas 2007. A kitesurfer named Joel Alexandersson has designed it. Guess somewhere inside me it lives a  fireman, policeman ambulance-driver or a lifeguard…
What´s your surf-dream-car?
(PS A definition of a Surf Car: here)


  1. My Surf dreamcar: Volvo Duett

  2. I already have my dream car !! Renault Traffic

    Daniel B

  3. That rescue volvo is very cool, won't have problems if I would get that one. But my own car also takes me everywhere (seat inca), for reasonable prices. Max load = 6 sails+ 5 masts + 3 boards + 3 booms. Sometimes its a bit puzzle to get all equipment in :)

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