Weymouth Speedweek 2015

It is time to put Weymouth Speedweek anno 2015 to the archives. First of all, I am impressed by the team of organizers that keep on working and improving this event year by year. The self service GPS check-in, the real time data logger, always 3 "marshall" boats on the course, results every night or morning etc etc. World class!

Also the place, Portland is something very special. The Portland rock, the view from the Heights, the quarries, Portland Bill, the Chesil beach and the WPNSA-facility cannot be beaten by any other venue. And the english weather, the last day 26 C in the afternoon in mid October!

The social activities every evening including the Weymouth Pub´s are also very unique experiences in more than one way...
If you are in Weymouth you should check some back-yards, and watch up for pigeons...

(c) Photo: Pete Davis
The sailing itself in the Portland harbour is a challenge. The wind is often gusty, the water is choppy, the course is long in that way that we need to sail almost 2 km to do a run. When you look at the speeds that we often achieving, 32-34 knots, it may look slow, but I can tell that they are often more tricky and harder than a 45 knots canal run. But it is the same for everyone, and the over 80 participators all do their best to deliver. Also the format, that the course is open 7 hours a day make this week very special. I always ends up with different kits along the very long beach. A lot of walking and carrying every race-evening.

The icing on the cake this year was to meet Paul Larsen, his team and experience the legendary top speed 68 knots Sailrocket 2 IRL. Great to meet and hear the stories and the theory behind, maybe the fastest sailing craft I ever will see in my entire life.

I hope to come back soon again, hats of for Kevin, Patrick, Jim, Keith and Simon that finished ahead of me this year. But next time one or more of you will end up behind me (again) ;-)

Back in Weymouth again

It feels great to back on the holy ground of speed again. Since the interest from my mates in Sweden to join me was cool, I decided to fly instead of bringing my car and trailer. The downside is that I had to prioritize what gear to bring. Big or small boards, number of sails, wetsuits etc. Right now it is full summer here and I am a bit concerned about that I only have a 5/3 wetsuit and that will not work well when it is 25 C and sunny... And about the boards, it look like will have pretty much wind later in mid week. I brought my medium kit, perfect for 15-25 knots of wind. Let see how that turns out, anyway this is a great event, and a very spectacular place to sail at. Everyone should attend Weymouth once in a lifetime!

Back in Business

This blog have had some hundred of thousands views the past years, but for a period it have been on hold. What happened after Luderitz was that I travelled a lot with my family, USA, Asia and Europe and then bought a new house.

But the house was 20 years old and needed a major restoration, but also an upgrade to fit my needs. It is located at the best flat-water spot on the west coast of Sweden. From my new garden I have done +38 knots runs this year. I like to do construction myself but I also have spent months coordinating building people with different skills. The project is far from ready, but good enough to spend more focus on speedwindsurfing again. And I must admit, ’oh speed surfer-God I have missed you’.

The house-project have been a mentally disaster, but the trip to Karpathos this summer and the time with all speedy friends from all parts of Europe where fantastic.
Even if the wind was not turbo-charged this year, I still got a super boost.

The past month I have enjoyed more time on water, and the construction of the surf-storage is almost ready, except of an outside shower.

And last weekend the Swedish Speed championship took place on the other side of the bay. Light 15-22 knots wind, but still a good fight with Markus Emanuelsson, and it ended up well. Second time Swedish Champ! That gives me even more positive speed-karma and I am looking forward for Weymouth Speedweek next week. And one more thing, I have a new contract with Loft Sails and Unifiber for 2016 that states some Social media presence so why not start blogging again!