Mindset is everything – Weymouth 2011

Imagine that you have the best boards, sails, masts and fins. And you also have the perfect trim and you have sailed over 200 quality speedy days the last 3 years and you have beaten all the international competitors only a few weeks ago.

And now it is racing again. What could go wrong? Sure there will be some fast racing?
Well, also add to the cake, a head concussion with blood from your ear a few days before the event and 4 doctors and one Otology professor that ABSOLUTELY banned you from getting ANY water into the ear, under ANY circumstances. And 8 grams penicillin a day and a broken finger and no hearing on the left ear.

(c) David White
Even if the very kind people at Waterproof.eu had given me a premium diving hood that where 98% sealed I did not feel safe out on the water. I also added an extra lifejacket over my weight west looking like Quasimodo from Notre Dame. So if/when I fell into the water I would at least float high… Maybe it also is relevant to add that I only 2 years ago got deaf on the same ear for 10 weeks after an infection and lost the balance totally. Getting water into the ear was simply no option. With that mindset I entered the water at Weymouth Speed Week. Even if the speaker Pete Davis announced that I was one of the favourites to win the European Champion title, I knew before I started that it will not end well. The last two events have ended at the hospital and I do not want this to end that way. I will play safe.

No guts - no glory!
What happened out on the speed course? Well all runs started well, but when the going got tough, I backed off. Every time. Too choppy, or too overpowered. I simple could not hold on and let go. Therefore I was beaten. A lot. The mindset stopped me. But I managed to participate and enjoy the warm atmosphere and climate of Weymouth Speed week and I do not regret that I went. And I must congratulate David Garell, he sailed fantastically! A well deserved European Speed Champion 2011!

Swedish Championship 2011

OK, I will post some words about this event. I was one of the event workers and I was responsible for the course. I sailed well in the first heat, but in the second when the wind went up, I change to my 7.8 sail. I had not done the trimming well, too much stress with the event and with far too much depth in the sail I went away in 35 knots. Had a catapult in the choppy course and hit the head hard in the surface. I was very dizzy for a long time. A very much merry go round, or caruselle. The heat was cancelled and a lot of sailors help me to the ambulance. I was really feeling bad.  I dont think I really had a concussion, but today I at least know that the eardrum is damaged (5 doctors and one professor has looked into my head). Besides from that I feel almost 100 and some very kind people at Waterproof has helped me today finding a hood that should be 100% dry. So I am packing for UK after all...