Swedish Championship 2011

OK, I will post some words about this event. I was one of the event workers and I was responsible for the course. I sailed well in the first heat, but in the second when the wind went up, I change to my 7.8 sail. I had not done the trimming well, too much stress with the event and with far too much depth in the sail I went away in 35 knots. Had a catapult in the choppy course and hit the head hard in the surface. I was very dizzy for a long time. A very much merry go round, or caruselle. The heat was cancelled and a lot of sailors help me to the ambulance. I was really feeling bad.  I dont think I really had a concussion, but today I at least know that the eardrum is damaged (5 doctors and one professor has looked into my head). Besides from that I feel almost 100 and some very kind people at Waterproof has helped me today finding a hood that should be 100% dry. So I am packing for UK after all...


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