POLYPROPYLENE - read my words!

Polypro also shape up the body...!
I live in Sweden. It is a country where one third of the land area is above the Artic Circle. That means that it is pretty cold most of the time. Still I windsurf everyday when it is no ice on the sea. (And there is enough wind off course). We never sail without a wetsuit, even in the summer. For me the most important part of the windsurfing equipment is the wetsuit (or wetsuits to be correct). Until now. By a coincidence I passed Quiksilver´s outlet in Melbourne in January, and I happened to pick a black rash guard. What I did not know was that the material wasn’t Lycra. It was Polypropylene. Probably not a blockbuster in Australia because it is extremely hot. And when I tried it at home under my Neil Pryde Elite I almost was boiling even when I was surfing in water with ice blocks. A week ago I also bought a pair of Polypro shorts from Billabong. They where not is thick as the Quik-rash but still quite warm. Yesterday I sailed for 3 hours and when I went in it was snowing a lot. I guess most people would consider it a cold day. But with polopro, nothing is cold anymore. My advice; Polypro are very very very good products! 
Extremely much better than a neoprene rash vest and another universe compared with a Lycra vest.


  1. Do you think that a polypropylene rashie will be warmer than a 1mm neoprene rashie under a wetsuit?

  2. Yes it does, but it need to be the thicker PP-rash.
    Before I bought my Quik-PP, I used a NPX 1,5 mm Neoprene.

  3. Hello,
    Do you have the same point of view about PP and wetsuit after several seasons? I am new to Goteborg area and would like to find a cheap way compared to hot wetsuit, and I am interested by your conclusions.
    Thank you for this blog and for your answer.


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