Back in Business

This blog have had some hundred of thousands views the past years, but for a period it have been on hold. What happened after Luderitz was that I travelled a lot with my family, USA, Asia and Europe and then bought a new house.

But the house was 20 years old and needed a major restoration, but also an upgrade to fit my needs. It is located at the best flat-water spot on the west coast of Sweden. From my new garden I have done +38 knots runs this year. I like to do construction myself but I also have spent months coordinating building people with different skills. The project is far from ready, but good enough to spend more focus on speedwindsurfing again. And I must admit, ’oh speed surfer-God I have missed you’.

The house-project have been a mentally disaster, but the trip to Karpathos this summer and the time with all speedy friends from all parts of Europe where fantastic.
Even if the wind was not turbo-charged this year, I still got a super boost.

The past month I have enjoyed more time on water, and the construction of the surf-storage is almost ready, except of an outside shower.

And last weekend the Swedish Speed championship took place on the other side of the bay. Light 15-22 knots wind, but still a good fight with Markus Emanuelsson, and it ended up well. Second time Swedish Champ! That gives me even more positive speed-karma and I am looking forward for Weymouth Speedweek next week. And one more thing, I have a new contract with Loft Sails and Unifiber for 2016 that states some Social media presence so why not start blogging again!