Obsessed with fins?

BPF with some protos
If you are one of my followers on Facebook, you might have noticed some photo posting about fins. Some wonder why one person has so many fins. Are they for sale?

Well since you are reading this blog, you are aware that the fins are maybe the individually most important part of the whole set of speed equipment you own.
Tuning the boards with the ultimate fins for every type of water is the key. Sometimes I get questions what fins are the best. And the absolutely truth is that all fins need to be individually trimmed to each board to each water and wind direction, current and water level.

C3 and a new proto
Hurricane with some protos
By now I can with emphasis say that I master the water in Weymouth (England), Torkelstorp (Sweden), Orth (Germany) and Karpathos (Greece). They all are different and needs different set-ups. Therefore it is important for myself (considering myself as a world wide speed windsurfer) to have the right fins for the right spots. My recommendations are to buy the full line of fins from one or two fin-makers and then top with selections from others.
Custom Lessacher with protos

To know what fin-brand/model that should be your basic backbone; you need to test different fins and set-ups yourself. Maybe it is a good idea to team up with your friends and share fins from a few different brands first. 

Some fins might work for your friend and will not work for you on the same board and spot, depending on how much pressure you have on the back foot, mast position, sail trim etc.

I am soon off for Egypt. The mission was to test new straight fins for some new boards. Unfortunately the boards are not ready yet, but the SP63 will work well as a testing platform for some of the new fins. Straight and weeds.

(It is very much about fine tuning. A board with a big speed ratio like SP63 (27-37 knots) are harder to trim right than a slalom board with a wider tail and a narrower ratio. The stiffness and torsion has to be perfect for the board and water conditions. Therefore it is useful to try very similar fins like C3 Sting vs Sting II, Black Project R vs RS, Tectonics T43 vs Talon vs F1 and so on.)

Tectonics and protos
Top up with some selected fins

Tenson + Anders BQ = true

My first goodie bag!
Some years ago I was on my way to Rip Curl´s office for a factory sell out. But I did not have the address and ended up in another office where it also was a sell-out, I found what turned out to become my favourite jacket. A big, blue technical jacket in size XXXL. It is the perfect rigging coat. Ever since that day I always have used it when it is windy, cold and rainy. I have bought a lot of other clothes from the same brand the last years.
Happy cover boy
In the beginning of 2013 the local newspaper had a review of all medallists from different championships during 2012, and I was on the cover.

Off course in my favourite jacket. Tenson saw it; they turned out to have their HQ almost where I live, and offered me a sponsorship. Tenson is unique; it is the only true Swedish beach wear.

Tenson - anno 1968
They made boardshorts in the sixties, when only a few knew what surfing was about, inspired by American lifestyle magazines. I am very happy and I will wear the Tenson gear with pride. With this partnership I hope to influence the Tenson designers to make even more bold and functional wear for real life addicted windsurfers like you and me.

Here is the link to Tenson´s presentation of me and about speed windsurfing.