Weymouth Speed Week concludes a fantastic year speedyear 2012

We have just arrived back home after a successful journey to England. (Boy, that boat back from Harwich to Denmark rocked and rolled...). The Speedweek was the icing on the cake for this year´s speedcontest season.  Daniel Borgelind and I have been there three times, and we love the atmosphere and spirit, but we have found it hard to perform well. The conditions could be so various, some times flat and stable, sometimes patchy wind and bumpy chops from all directions. And last year with a bleeding inner ear and a broken finger, close to hell...

But the last 6 weeks have been more than good.
- First the German Championship/European Championship Speed Tour in Orth, Germany, Daniel 1:th and myself 3:rd in demanding conditions 25-35 knots of wind.
- Then the Swedish Speed Tour Klagshamn, myself on 1:st place and Daniel 3:rd. 
- The week after, the Swedish Championship, copy-paste the results, 1:st place and Daniel 3:rd.
- Then over to England, the British event of European Championship Speed Tour, Daniel 1:st place and myself 2:nd. (We won all heats except of one!)
- And last but not least, the Weymouth Speed Week, Daniel 1:st place and myself 3:nd, all crafts, all classes overall.

And the best of all, none of us have done any neither catapults nor any damages at all this year!

Well, maybe you would like to know how did we achieve the last 6 weeks successes? 
  • Very many hours on the water together. 
  • Trimming our sails from NP and Loft on our Carbon Art SP63´s. Learning to uses bigger and bigger sails on smaller boards. 
  • Finding the right fins for the right water. 
  • Being prepared at the events. 
  • Be at the right place at the right time when the gusts hits the course. 
- It may sound easy, but it was not!

A special thanks to all people that has supported us, especially our families.
We have 70-80 days on the water plus travelling days, a fulltime job. We need to catch up now!