Test Week in Egypt

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In Egypt, testing and tuning. If you want to follow us and read more about NP andLoft.

The type of sailing that Daniel and myself perform here is not the regular ins and outs or relaxed blasting on slalom boards. We are on big sails, 9,5 and 8,6 on 65 wide, 105 litre speed boards with fins around 25-32 cm.
When the sails not are 100% tuned, when they are brand new from the boxes, it is hard to downhaul them properly. With 2 cm less downhaul the rigs are heavy and the load on the fin the same. Especially upwind that makes a big difference. Only the stiffer slalom fins manages that well. Off wind it is different, the slalom fins creates drag and do not release as a thin speedier fin.

Read more about our week HERE http://egyptwindsurf.blogspot.se

Here is a video from our week: