Personal Location Beacon – No luxury for speeding

I have added a new gadget to my extensive stash of gear. A PLB. Some think (or know) that I am crazy in getting everything possible thing in the world to execute windsurfing. Well that is very true. And as you may have seen on this blog, I do windsurf in all different places in the world. Some inlets like Sandy Point, some constructed pools like West Kirby. 

But also in places like Karpathos and south of France, where the offshore gusts sometime hits 60 knots. If you are going upwind in that moment 400 metres out from the beach, you are feeling very small. It is simply not possible to sail. 

Hold the gear low and wait for the wind to back to say 45 knots. And try to sail back to the shore. But it is easy to panic, and what you do not want is to break anything, gear or body out there. If that will happen, you are lost. 

The waves are big and no one can see you. What you would like to have is some flares or something, but when you have fired them off, you are not very visible. The you might ask yourself, why did not I bought a PLB - Personal Location Beacon, that I read about in AndersBQ´s blog? It cost like a custom fin and it will probably save your life if everything goes to h:ll. Just push a button and wait for the search and resque-team to pick you up. PS I think my mother and wife maybe are the persons that appreciates this little gadget most.

A windy day in France...