Weight vest – a buying guide

I got some question about which water sport vest is the best for windsurfing. I better write immediately that I not have tested all vests in the market. But here are the things I appreciate:
1.  If the vest fits very well, it will protect better when you crash. (Not slide up)
2. Good buoyancy - It should carry weights.
3. Big pockets for all things I carry
4. Quality

In my vest I always carry a Camelback, the best I have found is a 2-litre Platypus. I have it in the back pocket. In the chest pocket I have a PBL. It is possible to also put in some lead plates. At least 8 kg should fit easy.

Which vest is the best? I have no idea. My first was a Pro Limit. When I have travelled around on all events in Europe, I have noticed that all top-sailors always carry a vest from Liberty in Japan.

The difference between Pro Limit and Liberty is not big. My guess is that PL has sent a Lib-vest to China and just ordered some hundred… But there are differences…
Liberty: The Velcro-belt is double size. Thats is important for the fitting. The seams are more solid. The back pocket has an extra floating plate. They sell weights from stock, 1,5 and 3 kg.
Pro Limit: The back pocket has an extra Velcro divider. Good if you carry 2 plates in the pocket, but has no use if you have a camel-back.

My choice is Liberty, you could buy it here

PS And Here is another blog post about weight vests.