Much wind but not much speed

Photos by Lars Bjärkling, more pics on

Speedwindsurfing is in some way like playing golf. You think you got it, but sometimes it is hard to do it well. The season has just started at my beach and we all are new in the game for the season. The last two days we have had gusty wind 15-40 knots from NW. The water level have been high and that makes it choppy. But we have the best boards for cutting chops Carbon Art Sp53 and 44, so that shouldn´t be a big problem. Still up to 1 meter chops and 2-3 meters apart, that was too much for me. With flatter water 40 knots would have been possible but I didn´t dare to go for it, 35,3 in topspeed and around 34 knots on the reaches. Days like this it´s not at all important with batten-tension and others small details, it´s all about guts and backbone. To be fast in chops you need to train the body to react without engaging the brain. You pass 5-6 chop-waves every second and the feet and legs need to know what to do. What I need is to train a lot more to be confident in chops again and I also wish to sails some flatter water, maybe a trip to Öland or Holland soon!