Some reflections about the German Speed Championship 2012

Low wind sailing in Orth

The arrangement of the event in Germany is top level. For the moment there are no other speed contests in the world that can measure them with Germany. It was good last year but better this year. Small details like the GPRS-controlled signal system, the always full fruit baskets in major tent, the Faheren Lager-parking-camping, the way of putting out the optimal course etc.

On other hand I dislike that they do not do proper race in lighter winds around 15-20 knots of wind. I sail 31 knots in the course 10 times during an hour but no race are stared because the wind was too gusty... But it is also gusty when we race in hard wind. Both Michael Naumann, Daniel Borgelind and myself have trained to excel in light, gusty winds and it feels unfairly that we don’t get opportunity to race. I guess it is more about that most participants don’t have big enough sails. Big boards seemed not to be any problem.

1:st and 3:rd place in Germany
The sailor’s speed should be the denominator, not the ground wind. When the wind finally came with full power the second but last day, we had 3 good races. A 4:th would have been even better to get a discard, but I guess most racers where too tired after 3 x 90 minutes race in 25-35 knots wind.

But with some distance to the event, it still was a very good event and the final result was VERY fair. Michael and Daniel was far the best overall this year at Fehmarn. It did my best and I beat many good riders. I did have any new damages nor on my equipment or myself. I am already looking forward for Germany next year...
 Thanks Germany,VDS, Manfred and the Orga-Team!

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  1. Hi Anders, thank you for your reflection about our event on Fehmarn. Riders like you give us the power to arrange a new event in next years - I really hope, we can do that. And we are really happy to have some international riders on our events - hopely next year some more.
    And of course, we will think about your criticism; we want to improve every year a bit!

    Hang loose

    Daniel Becker
    2. President of Verein Deutscher Speedsurfer


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