The trimming season has begun

I have no intention to write boring blog posts of every surf session I do. I found all these blogs about "today I sailed with xxx and yyy, very conform. Who bothers? But I note that my trail and error season started yesterday. The new Lofts Sails has the same basic construction as I am used to with the Stealth´s. Although the downhaul and twist are a little more controllable on the Loft´s. Yesterday I tried some different downhaul settings for RDM-masts. A good thing with the Loft is that every sail has a tool for adjusting the battens, integrated at the foot of the sail.

Twist: The Loft Racing Blade vs Neil Pryde Evo II
I was lucky to have a photographer on site. That’s very helpful for documenting the trim and twist of the sail (thanks Henrick). Also tested some new Black Project slalom fins on the speed boards. Unfortunately the wind was not consistent when I tried their speed fins. 
I am grateful that I used Prydes vario harness lines yesterday. (They break easy). I had a very bad catapult fall and the boom head, harness line and a rib was damaged. If the first two not had broken, it would probably ached more in the chest. Today it hurts some when I breathe, but that’s what speed sailing is about, “not guts no glory”. Season has started!


  1. Hey Anders,

    Noticed your using the top hole of your clew on the blade, I tried this yesterday on my Blade 6.3 and couldn't belive how much it changed the feel of the sail.



  2. Yes, upper hole close the leach and give usually more "grunt" and raw power, but may may lack some topspeed. Since Naish only had one hole last year I have almost forgot this little but important detail. Great to have that option back!


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