Weymouth Speed Week 2010

Team Sweden takes a rest
The contest i Portland Harbour is soooo different to any other speedevents. First of all the course is open twice a day, no matter of the wind. Everyday a Cup is the prize to chase. In the main contest, only the best 500 meter run during the whole week counts. That means that is up to you to go out everyday and sail for the Cup of the day. Or go for a photo session on the oceanside, or chasing T-shirts downtown Weymouth. Every night we gather at a local pub for a meal and some beers. And 100 competitors including the crazy guys with the boats. Wow!

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  1. :D Thats my local spot. I work at the top of Portland and finish at 3.15 every day. In the summer I can see the sea breezes start as I leave work, ready for a good 2 hours on the water.


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