The secret speedstrip at Soma Bay

Even if we walked back, they called the military
Very many things have to interact perfectly together to give the right conditions for high speed runs over 40-45 knots. At almost all known spots in the world the right conditions only occurs a handful of days every year. The wind force, wind angle, current and tides, seaweed, humidity, water depth, moving sandbanks etc. There are so many buts and if´s.

800 meter flatwater along the strip
Soma Bay about 10 km north of Safaga in Egypt, hosts one of the worlds best speedstrips. 
Almost all of the obstacles I just mentioned above do not exist. A perfect 800-meter strip in about 135 degrees, you can sail 1 meter from the beach, 5-8 Beaufort five days a week, most wind in the summer. No weed, no currents, never choppy water, only super nice.
 - Well, what are we waiting for, you might wonder? 

Markus Emanuelsson, speeding in 37 knots with 20 knots of wind, a few minutes before the army arrived...

Well the answer is 7 Beaufort or 7bft-kitehouse. It is a kitecenter situated where the strip starts. For some reason the german people that runs that centre has decided that windsurfing is banned in a area of 1,5 kilometres. If you sail anyway, they will call the military and in about 15 minutes later, armed men in trucks are coming. For real. Not a nice laid back atmosphere at all. My opinion is that this would be the perfect place for a Speed World Cup event. Lots of hotels, near the airport, very safe speedstrip and very consistent and reliable winds.  I would love to go there again.
Anybody who can help us get access to this perfect beach? We only need an area of 10 x 800 meters...
Maybe Mohamed El Baradei can help us!!


  1. Wow that is one impressive spot with much better tempratures. I like the picture with Markus a lot, shows some potential!!!

    Speedsurfing BLOG

  2. Do they allow guests of the hotel/club to windsurf. Their website mentions windsurfing and show some rigs hanging up in their drying area.

  3. No they only allow windsurfers on the east part of the bay, where the Naish rental center is and further south. We have also asked if we stay at the Breakers or Club Robinson hotel, but they said no at the kitecenter and the hotels ;-(

  4. It might be a bit rude, but f++k them, it is not a way to behave to a fellow sportsman!!

  5. ohhh looks perfect...Very nice club i like it and i like your offer which is for stay in club.
    The Raven

  6. But we had a great stay 2013, and no gun men!


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