Cutting down trees is all about speedsurfing

At my local beach we do not have a speed strip. With speed strip I mean a sandbank, a shoreline or a wave breaker that takes out the waves and chops. Instead we are sailing in the shallow part of the Kungsbacka Fjord. The major disadvantage with that are about 500 rocks that are hidden below the surface. My first year speed sailing I damages about 40 fins. That’s not OK. So 2009 I bought 100 sticks that is made to mark the roads during the wintertime. It was hard work to mark every stone, using my old Mistral Equipe as SUP. 

But the idea was to do it well and that the sticks would stay for some years. 2009 I only broke about 10 fins. Last year I bought an old Zodiac Mark 1 from the fire-brigade. Unfortunately all sticks from 2009 was gone because of the cold winter w Then ith thick ice. Anyway I marked about 150 stones and no fin was damages. this year we had another bad winter, so now the stone-marking season just has begun. When its low water, sunny (easier to se the stones) and no wind, you know what I am doing!

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