Time for windsurfing

(this watch is junk, also outdoorgb.com that sold it)
Sometimes I get the question, "Are you professional and windsurf full time?” I smile, but that is a relevant question if you know that I spend around 80-110 days on the board a year. Especially if you are aware of that Sweden not is the most consistent windy place and the sea has ice for 3-5 months during the winter...
The truth is that I have an ordinary job running an advertising agency. But there are some tricks to get that many days on the water. The most important; live and work close a proper (speed) windsurfingspot.

It should be easy to sneak out before work or in the evening and set some 37 knots run without spending hours in the car. Most of us windsurfers have family obligations. I have a very understanding wife and kids, (only Roger van Tongeren in Holland that can beat me in that discipline I guess). But even with a family with that mind-set it is good to have the possibility sneak out early or late. I love those days when I start the day with 2 fast hours in the water before 9 AM or end the day with some hours after 8 PM. In that way I get 50-70 days a year on my home water. Then I try doing some travelling with my gear. Last year Egypt, Norway, Greece, England, France and Australia. That adds the about additional 20-40 days. So I see myself as a pro - windsurf-time finder. 

PS Do never give priority to dead things such as houses, gardens or other time-stealing projects!!!

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