Baisse your speeding shape?

This time of the year on the northern hemisphere some people are walking around and saying ”Well I have not sailed one day yet with my speed gear this season yet”. Sometimes you wonder why are they telling you this? Well normally you hear this from amateurs in any sport a week or two before an event. But this is not unique for windsurfers, golfers are the same and they are many more. What they really are saying is maybe that they not have used the speed board yet, but done a lot wave- or slalom sailing.

I am in the same position this year. After the crashes last year I did not do any trips this winter and it has not been many windy days at home yet. Off course it is not optimal to jump on the board with new gear at the first event. Even if the new sails/boards are better than last year, you need to trim and tune and find the sweet spots in the gear. Normally that takes about 3-5 full days for each setup for me. I am pretty far from that right now. But this year I have been smart. I have kept the super tuned 2011-gear, and expect from the Racing Blade 7.8 (2011 is crashed), I will probably use 2011-gear in most event the coming months. But I must admit that I like the new stuff. Soon I will reveal the new graphic in full monty.


  1. Hi Anders,

    Please to see a new post!

    An article suggestion: How to tune your 2012 Racing Blade!



  2. Yeah, thanks for the suggestion. I can do that. Monty has a good tutorial at for slalom, but I can tell you how to tune for speed.


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