Luderitz Speed Challenge Calling

The absolute speed experience in the entire world right now must be the event in Namibia created and hosted by Sebastien Cattelan and Sophie Routaboul. Almost all other major events like Speed:World:Cup and European Speed Championship are on hold. Off course we all want to be there this year. Here is the full list of all participators all 6 weeks.

And here I am:

Finally all lines on my list are checked and booked.

-       v Invited to the elite weeks
-       v Payment for Elite weeks 4-5-6
-       v Hotel rooms for Daniel and myself
-       v Airline tickets to Cape Town
-      v  Confirmed extra baggage 200 kg
-      v  Rental bus 25 days from Hertz

Myself and Daniel Borgelind will share most things except rooms!
So now it is more about ordering the best asymmetric fins and build the optimal quiver. Some people ask about my goals at Lüderitz. My statement is as always, first time on a spot or event, just go, participate and enjoy.

I could compare it with the World Championship 2009 at Karpathos when I was new in the sport. I ended up 31:th but that was one of the most enjoying events in my life ever. Sailing with the ”big five” in Luderitz is more than enough!

Videos from last year:

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