Karpathos - In the paradise playing with the devil

In the same moment you hate it and love it. Devils Bay or Paradise Bay. The two names of the spot really says everything. On one hand you have 20 steady knots of wind, the water is 27 C and its sunny everyday. Windsurfing in the Paradise.
The other hand. The gusts is roaming with plus 50 knots and the water is boiling and the sudden gusts knocks you down on the way upwind like hit by a heavyweight champion. And when entering the speedstrip you are kicked in by an invisible foot, after a few seconds you lose most drag, but just a few seconds before you hit the stonewall in the end of the beach, the best wind kicks in with hypersonic power. Go as far as you dare, before bailing out. The devil is playing with you!

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  1. Hi there, here is the Croatian soul-speed-windsurfing site http://www.soulwindsurf.com/ . Check it out, maybe you'll find something of interest there :).

    I am a speed-soul-surfer from Croatia and we also participate in GTC team challenge.

    Nice blog, keep it up :D!


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