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Anders B with Balance
You do not realize how important some things are until they are gone. After Weymouth Speedweek I could not find my harness. I have a lot more, so not a big issue. I just grabbed another one (Neil Pryde) and went out. It was not a good session at all. When I was going to hook in I had to jump up, hooking out was hard sometimes and also it sometimes hooked out accedently.

I have to get my old harness back. It is a Naish Balance size L. First I called the Swedish importer (that also have the only store). But they told me that they have stopped selling it. Then I Googled around the world and all shops in Europe where out of stock. I finally found one in Pismo, California… I am going to LA soon, but it is a big effort to go up to Pismo Beach. Then it struck me, I should contact my ex-sponsor (Naish). Why did not I do that in the first place! 
Anders B with Balance
With this blogpost I want to illustrate how important some different things are for every one, it doesnt matter if you are a pro or an amateur. I while ago when I met my fellow countryman Anders Bringdal and we where talking about the best harnesses, and we both agreed that Naish Balance was (at that time) the one. Even if we have left Naish, we both have used the Naish-harness afterwards when we are with other partners/sponsors/businesses. 

So my advice when you have found the right one for you (any brand), buy three!
Santa came early

PS Thanks Robby & Michi, the harness has arrived from Haiku, Maui today, I am back in business!


  1. Is it good for speed specifically or is it also good for slalom and formula? :)

  2. Well it fits me, thats what important. I think a lot of of harnesses that are small and agile (not like big diapers) are good. I know that Anders also have used Simmer and Dakine. I found this one very good for speed, I also sometimes use waist harnesses in very light wind and for waves.
    I would say, when you find one, stay with it!


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