Windsurfer Winter depression?

While the numbers are falling on the thermometer and the darkness is pulling a black coat over the northern hemisphere many windsurfers including myself is mentally preparing for hibernating. The depression is almost impossible to avoid. As you probably know all windsurfers are junkies. We need the adrenaline and endorphins that the planing is creating. The first month is the worst. You Google on trips to Egypt, Cape Verde etc., but do you have the time to go, is it OK at work and the family, can you afford it?

I do not say that I have the solution. But at least I have something that could stretch the time before the last windsurfing day is through this year.

Before the snow and ice comes, it is usually pretty windy. It has to do with the differences in temperature in the north (like Svalbard) and the south (like Spain).
And the last weekend November was an occasion like that. Lots of wind in France, Holland, UK, Sweden etc. I was out sailing for a few hours in the drizzling rain in 25 knots of wind and really enjoyed myself. I said to one of the guys at the beach afterwards, ”I did not even freeze at all”. When I started the car the temp was +3 Celsius. With wind-chill effect that would have been very cold.

How did I manage so well (my gear between ( ) but probably there are lot of other brands that are equal).

1.     Preparing and rigging in warm clothes and gloves
2.     Warm 6mm winter suit with integrated hood.
(Simmer Steamer 6/5/4)
3.     Polypro rash (Quiksilver)
4.     2 mm neoprene shorts (NeilPryde) (I wish I had some better polypro, but have not found any
5.     7 mm boots (Atan)
6.     Gloves with heating pads (Dakine CWM with Tiki Heatpads on top of the fingers)
7.     Camelback with +45 C energy drink (Platypus winter)
8.     When ashore I jump into an survival suit (Fladen)
9.     Warm car with diesel-heater (Volvo XC70)

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  1. Last year you did a test of 28-32 slalom/speed fins where you said at the end "I also tested a few more fins during this day but they where disasters" .

    I know from your postings that you don't like to "bag" products that don't work for you but I am sure I am not alone in wishing to know which fins to stay away from.

    Any chance on hearing your views on fins to avoid?



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