Speed World Championship 2017

Zara Davis, World Champion!
Went back again to Fuerte. The week earlier was insane with loads of other important events, job and family related parties etc. I was not very well prepared and I had to drive 1200 km to Hamburg and fly in the be able to get to the Worlds in time. For the past 2 years I had not used smaller sail than 7.0.

The World Championship started with loads of wind from north and BIG rolling waves from east. The gear felt not in balance with myself and did not really feel secure to go fo
r it. So too many heats around 20th place in the start of the week. With lighter wind and flatter water it went better and better and in the very last heat really good. I have to be happy with my 12th overall.

Markus Emanuelsson & Marcus Richardson ended up 3:rd and 4:th. Well deserved, the both prepared very well.

Twan Verseput sailed fantastic and a great sportsman and friend. And again, what loads of work the organisation have made. Victor Couto & Orlando Lavera thanks for all effort.
Looking forward for next years!

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