World Championship 2018 - World Super Master Champion!

The windsurfing year 2018 in Europe was very different to start with. The summer in the north was not warm, it was hot... From April to mid August, 20-32 degrees C everyday where I live and no wind or rain. The event in Fuerte, was in this POW the same. 9 days on the island and we sailed 4 times... There is some to say about the event in both good and less good. But since I am myself an event organiser, I know how much job it could be and when it comes to permits and red tape, nothing is easy. To hold a GPS-event can also be a technical challenge. So with this in mind, we sailed two days, in hard, difficult conditions at the south of Fuerte. I used 7,8 m2 sail in most races, when the rest of the fleet was on 6,4 or 7,0. With the late switch of events venue, Cartbon Art sent me a used small slalom board that was made for a light rider, the foot straps was far too much forward, about 6 cm. A good board but, my stance was terrible.
I did not really have the strenght to do the runs that far out from the beach in the 2 metres chop, so finishing 9:th at the prize giving was far better than expected. I also got the award World Champion Super Master 50-54. With that said, I hope the event will return to the format in Matas Blancas we had 2016-2017

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