Vice Swedish Speed Champion 2018

From early August to late September I have been struggling with my health. Pneumonia, sinusitis, a finger cut and maybe the worst, a very bad back. But since I am responsible for the speed class in the Swedish Windsurfing federation, I had to take care of the event. At the skippers meeting I told everyone that I probably will not attend more than one heat. But the more I sailed the better felt my in my back. And my kit was flying better than ever. We sailed four 90 minutes heats and I had avarage runs around 35-36 knots in every heat, even won one heat. I followed my normal strategy to sail with one size bigger than the rest of the fleet, and in the last heat, take a chance and sail small and go for a win, or in worst case discard that heat. The wind went weaker and I was SOOOO HAPPY, beating the great fast boys Johan, Erik and Marcus, that all finished on equal points behind me.

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