11.11.11 - A tribute to Robby Naish

Probably he most beautiful handwriting in the surfing industry..!
Today is the 11th November in 2011. Some surfers might say "Ke11y". But to me that reminds me of Robby Naish. (His sailnumber is US1111). I admire him as the most contemporary waterman, brand builder and ambassador in the surfing industry. Even if he not has been as successful in racing as Björn Dunkerbeck, he still was a very good racer in the eighties and a wave sailor with flow and more grace than all others. He was early into kite and SUP and I believe it is important building bridges across the surfing sports. In the end we are in love with the water and we need to share that asset. I also take the opportunity to thank Robby for the   sponsorship with me 2009-2010. The remaining of that sponsorship has left traces in my home for a long time. No other has that much profiling t-shirts and accessories!

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