I´m on hold until 2012

For the moment I have taken a time out from windsurfing. The reason is simply that my body needs to cure. The fingers, ear and my back took too much damage in the end of the season. Still 2011 was the most successful year for me so far. In the meantime I know that my sail- and board partners don’t rest. My new 2012 Loft sails are on the way from the factory in China and Carbon Art are doing the finalising job on the new slalom boards on New Zealand. The new sails are improved in the leech and weight, which make them more responsive and even easier to sail. The new boards are a little fuller in the rails, which give them better release, and the rocker line is a bit more tuned towards smoother ride and faster jibing. You might think that this is the normal “bullshit” everyone is saying about the next year’s products? I don’t think so. Both companies have made a big efforts in product R&D the last year. Ben van den Steen and Ludo Jossin on the water and Monty Spindler on the shore and behind the sewing machine in windy Tarifa, Spain, obsessed to develope the worlds best racing sails. Enough of words bout that. And Carbon Art that not have change their superb slalomboards for years, but now the big Australian on Maui, Phil McGain has worked with focus on tuning the boards the last year. So even if I am on hold, I am looking forward for 2012, the gear will be super!

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  1. Hope you recover all your bits soon. If you want someone to 'warm' up your 2012 kit, I would be happy to ;-)


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