Swedish Champion 2012

Thanks everyone! You who read this blog, all competitors.
And Monty, Michel, James, Otmar, Daniel, LBJ, Guy, my family Joanna, Vendela & Edvard.
And also my early sponsors like Tommy Åkefors (Cobra/Quiksilver), Henrik Fahlén &  Michi (Naish).
I am totally stoked. 1990 I was 3:rd. 2007 15:th, 2008 8:th, 2009 6:th, 2010 4:th, last year at the hospital.
I really never believed that I could become champion, but this year when I relaxed and only sailed for fun, everything went well.

About the race. We did 6 heats over two days, the first 3 in lighter winds and the last 3 in more demanding conditions.
+36 knots over 250m is good in choppy water
I sailed my big speedboard in all races, 9,5m2 in the first 3 heats and 8,6m2 in the last. One lightwind heat was not valid, too few in the fleet passed the speed limit over 28 knots. Shared the lead after day one. The second day we had gusty winds 20-35 knots. In the first and second heat, which was sailed back-to-back, my board was all over the place expect on the surface. Markus Emanuelsson excelled and was a lot faster than the rest of us. In the third the water was a bit calmer and it was easier to push higher speeds with my big kit, my time to excel with more than a knot faster over 2x250m, 35,5 knots in average. Two first and two second-places and one discard put me one point ahead..!

Loft Racing Blade 8,6 m2 in 36 knots wind and speed, it worked!
(I must thank myself too, the Carbon Art SP63 is my baby and what a board! 15 or 35 knots wind doesnt matter!)


  1. Congratulation!

    Greetings,good Wind and Speed from Germany!

  2. Congratulations once again, Anders! I am very happy for you - you deserve it, definitely. "Relaxed and for fun" - that was the key, isn't it? ;-)


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