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I would say that the biggest obstacle to bare off and enter the ”high-speed-mode” is that most windsurfers are afraid of the consequences of falling and hurt themselves.

The basics in sailing fast are to go as deep downwind as the windforce and the location that you sail in, let you to do. Sailboats don´t go as deep as windsurfers and windsurfers don’t go as deep as kiteboarders. But the biggest obstacle for most windsurfers to bare off and let the equipment work free, is that they are too afraid. I have seen so many GPS-sailors that just are sailing in figures eights all day.
The crashes depend on different things. Spinouts, tail walks, nose-dives, sudden gusts and hitting different objects (rocks, stones, weed, seals, ice blocks, branches, fishing lines, sandbanks, the bottom etc).
If you want to sail faster than 30-32 knots you have to relate to this and you have to accept the fact that you will fall hard sometimes.
 My following blog-postings will focus around this, stay tuned to read soon more about:

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