A full sail below the boom works better downwind
Trimming the equipment and use the right stuff for the conditions is the key to avoid most catapults. This is not simple and it takes a lot of effort to achieve a good trim. The basic is to have a sail, board and a fin that match the wind and the water. Sailing with the wrong sizes and the wrong combination will always end up bad. The next thing is to trim everything in harmony. The mast foot position, boom height, downhaul and outhaul are the central points to work with. For example, you have problems that the board sits too much on its tail and the front is high, try less tension at the outhaul, the deeper sail below the boom will make the board more stabile downwind and you don’t have to move the mastfoot position forward.

Use a marker pen to improve your sails
Often a combination of both will make the ride easier. When I have a new rig or board, I change position of the mast foot 4-6 times the first hour, often only a centimetre at a time. The same thing with the boom and the sail; work with small changes. Generally a few extra centimetres of downhaul will helps most average sailors. 
My most valuable advice is: use a marker pen and write on the sail, when you have found the best trim!


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