Just another stone marked
45 degrees  rake
The most basic thing not to fall is to sail where it is safe. Sound very basic, eh? Well this is probably the most common thing that takes me down. If there is a rock, a stone or just the bottom I will hit it in + 30 knots. Always. Therefore my best advice is, before you plan to run fast, check the water first. At my local spot I have marked over 150 stones with sticks. When you go with 20 meters a second you have to know where to sail. The sticks have probably saved the same numbers of fins the last year. The tide is also important to mind about. Up here in Sweden where I live, the tide is less than 20-30 cm, but in most other part of the world it is a lot more. Last year in Egypt I forgot about the tide and ran into a 5 cm shallow reef with my for the day brand new board and rig in +30 knots. I am very happy that I survived the impact. The board and sail didn’t… The “funny” thing was that just an hour before I had past that area many times. And at Karpathos the fastest part of the strip is when you pass Chris Schill´s red Zodiac just before the bay ends in a rock wall. So make sure you have enough water to sail on!

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